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Monday, July 12, 2010

Because EVERYONE at camp this week was so awesome...we decided to give EVERYONE a special camp award this week.
The Jr. Piccasso group really was exceptionally great and we can only hope that the rest of camp is just as fun!
Above our counselor Heather is passing out extra special awards for each camper. Everyone cheered for eachother and it was a great way to end the week!

Here we are all proudly displaying our awards!
Everyone say "we love caaammmppp!"

Group Hug!!

Thanks for a WONDERFUL WEEK everyone!
We would love to hear some of your favorite memories from camp. Feel free to follow our blog all summer long.

We hope to see you soon.


Your Friends at Blithewold

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A favorite artist at camp has always been Jackson Pollock. The reason is simple, we get to make a big MESS! Above Heather showing some images of Pollock's work, in order to give the campers inspiration.

We weren't kidding about that mess! But that is have the fun of summer camp. We apologize for the paint splatters, parents! At least they each got a cool backpack to remember camp:)

Either Kelly has the most colorful freckles I have ever seen or she just really enjoyed abtract expressionism:)

The artists at work...
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There is never a dull moment at camp...
Today we were so fortunate to have local Artisit Joanne Murman come to camp and teach us about the difference between warm and cool colors. We put this knowledge to the test by drawing Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers with warm colors only.

Before the painting begins, a very important step is to first draw out the image in pencil. We learned a few new drawing techniques such as overlapping and using unexpected shapes. The kids did a great job following the directions!

For cool colors, Joanne showed the campers a photo of Van Gogh's Iris's. Above Colleen shows off her gorgeous iris, which she made by painting with only cool colors.

Joanne is so talented an she sure knows a lot about art. It was so fun having her at camp, good thing she will be coming back every week!

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 3 still had a lot more activities planned for the afternoon! Above is a nice shot of camp pals Ailsa, Nate, Mia, Pepe and Cecilia! By the end of the week at camp, we were all great friends!

This afternoon we had a special treat, Garden intern Lilah Anderson took us on a special tour of the vegetable garden at Blithewold. As you can see it is jam packed with gorgeous fresh produce and herbs that the kids got to smell and taste.

After the tour, campers were able to each plant a seed of their choice with pots from our very own greenhouse.

Lilah helped water in the plants and shared a few gardening tips.

Do you have a vegetable garden at home? What types of things do you grow?

Happy planting!!!
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During our visit from the Haffenraffer,the kids were able to try making there very own cornmeal. We each had a chance to stomp the corn 5 times. We grinded away for quite a while and still came know where close to making corn meal. We really gained an appreciation for the "art" of cooking as a native American.

Next, week learned a little bit about a native American pow wow. We learned that the drum is the heart beat of the pow wow and the kids were able to all try beating along to the rhythm of a native chant.

The campers did a great job keeping up with the beat. They also tried very hard not to laugh at the music they first thought of as "strange" but embraced is as just being different.

Geralynn's visit ended with a craft activity, where each camper made a wompom necklace and then learned the "alligator dance". This dance is a friendship dance, that is still commonly danced at pow wows.

Have you ever been to a pow wow?
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Day number 3 started by weaving these lovely flowers. Here Kaia proudly displays her work! Way to go Kaia:)

Here, Thomas is showing of his Pablo Picasso portrait of yours truly! I can really see the resemblence. Most of the emphasis was placed on my large shell earrings:)

We were very lucky to have a special Visit from Geralynn who is an Anthropologist for the Haffenraffer Museum. We learned all about the native peoples of NE and there various cultures, art forms and fascinating history. Above campers stand around a map of all the New England tribes. The campers were amazed to see how little space the native people have left.

Next, Geralynn shared their history by showing us native American artifacts. We saw everything from food, clothing and shelter to music art and even learned the "alligator dance"!
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